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out of the box


If you want to go fast… Walk alone.
If you want to go far… Walk with others.
Nomad proverb

All over Europe, people are innovating and joining forces for a fairer and more inclusive and sustainable society. Each group acts according to its own values, ethics, resources and context but we assume that the issues we face, the difficulties we encounter and the questions we ask ourselves are often similar.

By organizing European seminars and training courses we intend to extend our skill-set and to boost experience sharing between people and groups who wish to take action or to improve their current initiatives.

Since 2013, we organized 12 training courses in Gaillac and Fayssac (Tarn) as well as 6 Heterotopia Tours in Occitanie in partnership with our EU partners, focusing on 3 main issues:

  • How to better work together ?
  • How to better support and empower people ?
  • How to tend towards a more inclusive and sustainable society ?

This Wiki-site is an attempt to share our experience, hoping it will fit your needs.

Wish you a happy browsing !

Via Brachy’s team

IMPORTANT : All contents of this site, as all the outputs of our projects, are under the following Creative Commons Licence : Attribution - Non commercial - Share Alike.

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